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Patient literature from IGA & RNIB

Patient information leaflets and booklets can be ordered from the IGA and RNIB, please click on the links below to find out more and place an order.

RNIB Publications


  • How to order RNIB publications and price list:

RNIB patient information booklets can be ordered from the RNIB online shop (Click here)

  • An online version of the booklet titled 'Understanding Glaucoma' is also available on the RNIB website (Click Here)

IGA Publications


  • How to order Free IGA publications:

IGA patient information leaflets and booklets can be ordered from the IGA online shop (Click here)

  • Publications currently available from the IGA are:


IGA Leaflets:

My Sight is fine Why test for Glaucoma?
Arranging a Test for Glaucoma
Glaucoma the Good News
Primary Open Angle Glaucoma
Primary Angle Closure Glaucoma
Secondary Glaucoma
Pseudo-Exfoliative Glaucoma
Pigmentary Glaucoma
Syndromes and Anomalies
Inflammatory Conditions of the Eye which may lead to Secondary Glaucoma
Glaucoma and Your Relatives
Ocular Hypertension and Your Relatives
Laser Treatment for Glaucoma
Glaucoma and Surgery
Glaucoma during Pregnancy and Breast-Feeding
Eye drops and Glaucoma
Driving and Glaucoma

IGA Booklets:

Glaucoma a Guide
Ocular Hypertension a Guide
Glaucoma A Greater Understanding
Glaucoma Babies and Children
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