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Topic: Driving licence

I would very much appreciate help & advice please.

I have been having excellent annual eye tests at SpecSavers for many years. They often have to take two field tests as the tests usually show a couple of small missing areas that the optician accepts.

Just over twelve months ago, I was tested by what appeared to be a young newly qualified optician who said I had problems and wrote to my GP/hospital! The hospital took pressure tests every two hours during one day, once the pressure in one eye was 13, all other reading were 12. I am told up to 18 is acceptable.

The consultant said 'I have glaucoma but the pressure is low so no treatment is necessary! More tests will be carried out in 6 months'.

Six months have passed and the tests show very little change; a couple of readings are a digit or two better & a couple worse. So they say there is no deterioration

As my medical records now show 'Glaucoma' I shall have to declare it to the DVLA & insurance company.

I have read your posting on the forum with horror! I am 70 years old next February so I am an oldie! It appears from your experiences that I have a one off chance to take an Estermann binocular field test at a location determined by the DVLA, having no experience in using this machine and hopefully passing the test.

I use varifocal glasses to drive; are these the best to use for the test or should I buy new straight forward driving glasses.

Can I arrange a private Estermann binocular field test before the DVLA test to sort out the best approach?

Thanks for reading about my problem. Hope you can help.


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Hello there-I am another oldie at 75. Well to start at the beginning I failed the DVLA test10 years ago. After having my cateracts removed and new lenses inserted(NHS)

I used these as a reason to request another field test. I had been off the road for 7 years at this time. To my surprise I was asked to make an appointment with a named optician whom I had never met before. I did not ask for a trial run on whatever machine was being used. After the test he showed me the results there and then and said they were encouraging - DVLA make the final decision of course. I had a couple of misses at the extreme top right and top left of the picture which seem to be acceptable. Within a couple of days DVLA sent me my new licence!

My pressures are checked every year at hospital and are about the same as yours. I had a trab in both eyes 15 years ago. With regard to which glasses to wear - (I have both reading and distance pairs)- because I am shortsighted the optician insisted I took the test without glasses. Now when I failed the test all those years ago the operative told me tp wear my glasses-I've often wondered whether this made the difference between pass and fail. As for the test itself this seemed easier than the one I took which was at the local hospital. You will be able to use both eyes -when I failed each eye was tested separately. So the test itself seemed to take much less time.

A quick word on Specsavers. Because there was a branch near to my workplace I used them for many years. On my first visit to a high street optician following retirement my glaucoma was spotted. I'd better not say any more.

The reason for this long posting is to urge you not to give up hope - by all means ask the optician for a trial run if this will give you confidence. The best of luck to you - I hope you will soon be telling us that you passed.

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Hello, I was ask to take a visual field test for the DVLA in 2009, the optomotrist let me use both eyes to take the test without glasses and choose the best of three effforts to sent to the DVLA. My driving licence was renewed for one year because of a different medication that I am required to take.

Good Luck, Lavengro.

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Thanks Val & Lavengromium, that helps a lot.

Registering glaucoma with the DVLA and keeping your licence, did this change your car insurance premium, and did the insurance company need more information or tests?

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I never declared it on my insuramce- I considered it was not a disability or any sort of illness or affliction that might possibly cause problems when driving. I regard it as having passed an eyesight test - which you have to do when taking a driving test. I thought I fulfilled my obligations by informing DVLA and being assessed. Hope I'm not wrong!

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Interesting article [url=http://www.optical.org/goc/filemanager/root/site_assets/news/driving_leaflet_-_pdf_ngaw08.pdf]here[/url]

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Sorry the link didn't work -try copy and paste.

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Hi, I informed my insurance who said passing the DVLA test was sufficent for them there was no increase in the premium.

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Hello Val & Lavengro,

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

Val, On my insurance it asks if I have anything that should be reported to the DVLA. I think that your only problem is if you are unlucky and have an accident your insurance company could check your medical record; if it states that you have glaucoma they could say that you haven't informed them. I agree that you have satisfied the DVLA and that should be acceptable for you to be insured to drive.

There is a letter from the hospital on my medical records, at my doctors, that clearly states that I have gluacoma, but it is untreatable as the pressures are low. I shall see how I go with the DVLA, if ok, I shall advise my car insurance company.

Regards Bob

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Hi Bob

I have just had by assessment test for driving. The dvla sent me to a different optician to my own. I was very nervous has not one before. My optician ran through a practice test with me a few days before. I was put at my ease. It is not as in depth as the field tests at the hospital and you can wear your glasses and use both eyes. I was glad as my one eye is very damaged I only have 5% of my optic nerve that is not damaged. Anyway I passed with 100% the optician did not know how often the dvla will recall me. It was a relief to know before had what the test involves. I was much less stressed on the actual one.


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