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Topic: Visual Recovery After Tube Surgery


I’m just wondering if anyone has had good luck with visual
recovery after tube implant surgery.  I
was born with cataracts, which were removed (along with my lenses) almost immediately,
leaving me with decent vision.  I was
diagnosed with Glaucoma at age 7.  When I
was 15 I had a trabeculectomy in my right eye, then a tube implant in the same
eye at age 19.  I am 33 now.  I also recently had a cornea transplant in the right eye because it decompensated - likely due to all of the \'trauma\' from past surgeries, and possibly partly due to the tube rubbing on the cornea over time.

Somewhere amidst those glaucoma surgeries (10+ years ago) I lost functional vision/acuity
in my right eye although the tube has kept the pressure low. My left eye has
been fairly stable with eye drops until recently, but the pressure is creeping up and I may
require surgery in that eye.  I’m
obviously nervous to loose functional vision in that eye following surgery – it
is all I have left, but I can’t leave the pressure high for very long either.

I’m just curious to know if anyone has had tube surgery, and
what the outcome was in terms of post-op visual recovery/acuity.



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Hi Jeff

I didn\'t see your post before just now but  i\'m going to have a tube implant in 2 weeks. I don\'t expect any visual recovery in the eye but I\'m hoping it will keep the pressures stable as previous ops have ultimately failed. 

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I hope it works out well.  i guess my wording was misleading.  I wouldn\'t expect you to recover any \'lost\' vision due to glaucoma damage.  I was mostly curious to know if the vision returns to where it was prior to the operation (after the eye is healed from the actual surgery), or if you feel that there is/was any long-term/permanent vision changes/loss due to the surgery itself.

Please let me know how things work out.

All the best,

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Hi again Jeff

Well, two days down the line I\'m not feeling too bad. I didn\'t like the surgery - it took longer (I think) than the trab and laser and was much more fiddly. To be expected I guess. Was very relieved at the end and felt a bit shell shocked for the rest of the day.

Went back to see the surgeon yesterday and he said he was very pleased with how it was looking. I had an eye test and couldn\'t see much until they dropped down the bit with holes in that you cover one eye with and I managed to read down to the 4th line. But, back home now, I\'m not making anything out with that eye - just blurred shapes and light/dark areas. I guess that will improve; I\'ll post again in a week or two.

I was told the pressures would be low for a while, then start to pick up. I\'m going back in 2 weeks unless anything untoward happens in the meantime. 

I gingerly had a bit of a look at a couple of Ahmed valve surgery videos on you Tube. Too squeamish for me to watch properly and I felt myself letting out gasps of horror. YUK!

I\'ve been out and about a bit, though - and can drive OK as the other eye is fine with a contact lens. I\'m just putting in post op eye drops as well - none of the glaucoma drops for the time being and am hoping that if this thing works well, I may be able to finish with the drops but my surgeon says I may still need them. Tsk.



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Hello Jeff. I hope everything works out well for you. I have just been told I have to have a trabeculectomy and I don\'t like what I\'ve been reading about it as far as the long-term results are concerned. I\'m just now realizing that my doctor may only do one eye. That\'s a small relief. I\'m in the US and I think I\'m going to make a point of finding an opthalmalogist has does A LOT of these surgeries. My doctor says he does two a month. I want the guy who does 10 a week. I beleive that will help my chances.  

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Hello All, please take a look at the IGA news, re-Sight loss and Vision survey, here is an oppertunity to ask questions and give opinions. Thank you to the IGA. Lavengro. 

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Thanks Lavengro, I will have a look at that, hope everyone is well on this fine rainy day!

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I tried to download & print the survey, but it kept corrupting my computer for some reason.  Is there any way I can fill it in & email back online?

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Hi Jeff = I hope you are well

Any news on how things with the surgery went or how things are going in general?

I can appreciate your nervousness as I have a very similar story to yours.  Am 33, born with cataracts in both eyes - cataracts were removed along with lenses and no impants.  That gave me some vision in my left eye but very little in right eye.  over the years Ive had numerous retina tears etc and diagnosed with glaucoma at 23.  Had a vitrectomy about a year and a half ago in my left eye.  Despite eye drops etc IOP has continued to rise - reacing 48 and above recently so am having trab with tube in 2 and a half weeks.  Am not expecting any improvement in sight from this just very much hoping I dont lose any more from it...


take care mate and all the best


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Hi, I myself had had the tube operation almost 7 weeks ago now. I was born with acute angle glaucoma and had a gauneotemi operation at 13. I am now 22 and For the past 2 years my pressure has been rising very high which left me no choice but to go through with the tube surgery. Before the operation I lost 65% if my vision in the left eye. The day after surgery, my pressure dropped down to a dangerously low 2 which caused the eye to collapse so I had a few injections of jelly put in to bring the pressure up. Everything was fine for about 3 days then again the pressure dropped to 0 when I went back into get more jelly injected in. The day after my pressure kept rising over the space of 2 hours my pressure went from 35 to a very dangerous 52 where my eye was the size of a golf ball causing another 10% of vision loss. I was then given diamox through a drip to bring it down and another injection to bring some of the jelly out. This all forced me to stay in hospital for over 2 weeks as the pain had drained me out that I couldn't walk. 2 days ago I was taken back to hospital as the pains were coming back again and was told my pressure went up again to 32. It has come to a point where I can feel what pressure it will be before I have had it checked. Yesterday morning I had the stitches taken out so it makes my eye feel better but I have realised that my kids have dropped so it looks like a lazy eye. I had been told that if the pressure goes up again that ill be taken back into theatre for another operation to remove the blockage stitch to allow more pressure to be released. I am still far from recovered as I still get nasty pains everyday and can't stand up for too long either. If anyone is having this surgery, I suggest you have a deep look into it before you go ahead because my surgeon has been lying about the effects and the procedures.

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