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I have just found the new site and here's my problem. 3 years ago I passed the DVLA test with 96%. I had to take it again 2 weeks ago and failed with a miserable 80%.The optician was very surprised at this apparent deterioration in my field vision. I was somewhat alarmed . I have been having annual check-ups at hospital now for 25 years so was a little concerned that the hospital had not drawn my attention to any deterioration. I contacted the consultant surgeon asking for information. He has written to me to say that since my trab operations 16 years ago my condition has remained stable. So if my condition is unchanged since I last took the test 3 years ago how come my score is 16% less I wonder. I am considering asking DVLA
for a re-test on the grounds that my latest test is flawed in view of the consultants evidence - perhaps through nerves, tension or lapse in concentration I performed poorly. I am not overly optimistic and wondered if anyone had experience of asking for a re-test.

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Hi Royh
I read your problem with interest.  I've just had my first bout with the DVLA - got my first 3 year licence.  However, you make a sound point about the "approved" optician field test.  I think we (the IGA?) need to start putting some pressure on the govt/DVLA to be able to get our consultants to be able to provide the required evidence for 3 year renewal.  Am I correct in thinking that only the DVLA "approved" opticians can do this particular field test? Different pieces of equipment frequently perform differently.  I was advised by my consultant that it is preferred practice for the same test machine to be used as this is more accurate in tracking over time.     

Anyone else interested in getting some pressure going?

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Actually I have a bit of history with DVLA. 10 years ago I declared my glaucoma and was sent for a test to my local hospital - I failed. Then 3 years ago I had cataract operations and lens insertions and applied for a re-test and passed. I have written to my consultant to see whether they still have the equipment to carry out DVLA tests and if so I have requested a test as a sort of second opinion. Still awaiting reply. If responsibility for assessing eyesight for driving were passed to hospitals it would cut out duplication for people like me who are assessed annually at hospital anyway. (David Cameron please note-a cost cutting opportunity!)

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Hi Cardinal

I would love to see some pressure applied to the DVLA in the hope of persuading them to take a more evidence-based approach to the effect of glaucoma instead of sticking doggedly to something the origin of which is lost in the mists of time.

 In my case I failed my third 3-year peripheral vision test some 4 years ago due to 1 missed point at the bottom of the field - actually correct as shown by retesting. However my beef is the stubborn refusal by the DVLA to allow me to go forward for an assessment practical test (an opportunity which can be granted if loss of peripheral vision is due to a stroke for example) on the grounds that "... glaucoma is progressive" despite being provided with reams of test results and statements by my surgeon showing essential stability over many, many years.

I reckon its too late to help my cause (i have been battling with the big C of the bones for last year) but I would love to see the DVLA shaken out of their complacent attitude. Go for it !!


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I'll start gathering some information together.  Perhaps this is something the IGA can start and help us with.  Website is a great start.  Do they have any permanent staff or is it all volunteers?

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