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Hi everyone,

I've only been diagnosed for the past 2 weeks so I'm still getting used to things

As I've been reading through the forums (which are very helpful, thank you all) I've seen it mentioned a few times that people with glaucoma shouldn't take certain cold\flu remedies, decongestents, Lemsips etc. Now that I've been diagnosed, could somebody clarify for me which flu remedies I should no longer take and why?

My wife is currently in bed with a heavy dose of the flu which I fully expect to come my way!!!



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Hello there

Usually you will find instructions on inserts or boxes BUT in doubt ask pharmacist. Have no idea why some are OK and some not.
Most antibiotics are OK and it may be useful to start right away if your wife is so bad - as a precaution.  As an asthmatic that is that route I take to prevent chest infections and hopefully steroids.
Did you have your flu jab?
Anyway maybe you.ll escape just avoid sloppy kissing!

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Hi Bladerunner.

I think it depends on what type of GLaucoma you have. Some medicines say do not use if you have Glaucoma. When I asked my eye Surgeon he said that I could take any cold and flu medicine with my type.  So I think you should ask your Consultant. If you are not due for a visit I have rung his secretary and she has asked about my concerns and got back to me with the answers.

Best Wishes





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Hi Jan,

Thanks for the useful info. I've never actually had the flu jab - not sure if 42 is deemed to young!!!. However, with the fact that certain medicines are now not available to me maybe I need to start to thinking about the flu jab as a preventative measure!!

My wife certainly isn't in the mood for sloppy kissing at the moment :-)

Thanks again,



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Hi Lucy,

To tell you the truth I'm not sure what type of glaucoma I have. Maybe the doctor said when he told me I had glaucoma but I can't remember - it was all a bit of a blur that morning. I know my mum has had open angle for 5 years now so I'm assuming I have that. I'm due to go back at the begining of March. However, I may take up your advice and contact him sooner just to confirm what type I have and what flu medicines I can/cannot take.

Many thanks again for your advice.


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