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I have been told by my dr that i have to make a decision that if i can have lazer again that will be the 5th time and it has not worked as my pressure is over35 ,because i am on diomaxsr tablets i have been taking them now for a year and thats not good well thats what he says, if the lazer does not work this time he has said the best thing is to remove my eye as you must see i am scared to death at the thourght of this i asked if i did wold it get rid of the pain i am in all the time he said he could not tell me it would so i do not know what to i can not find out any information about the removal of a eye becouse of glaucoma,so if any one can help me with the information i would be very greatful,well i tell you a little about me i had cataract removed in 91 then since then i have had problems with my left eye since

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Hello, I have no experience of your problem but would like to offer support, at the moment I have having surgery on my left eye because of glaucoma.

I find having someone to talk to in a similar situation is a comfort.

Best Wishes.

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