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Struggling with glaucoma

24 March 2011, 16:42 PM › Go to Reply Form
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I am 37.  Have had congenital glaucoman since i was 12.
Has been pretty controlled with drops.

But for the past couple weeks the pressure has been up even though I am still on 3 drops.

The specialist does not want to do surgery YET... since I have only ONE good eye.
The left eye lost vision when i was 12 before they found out I had glaucoma...

The pressure has been up some in the day... but not as bad as it is at night.

Can anyone here tell of their experience with having the glaucoma surgery?
how long before you could see again... because I have only the ONE good eye.  :)

16 June 2011, 10:13 AM › Go to Reply Form
Joined: 01/01/2011
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Hi Kmax

My son has glaucoma and he has had around 12 operations. I think that after surgery It will not be too long before you can see again. I would say you should be back to normal after a few days. (Although I am not an expert by any means).

08 August 2011, 18:49 PM › Go to Reply Form
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Hello, Kmax, I am sure that Lucy and Swissles will agree that we can see very soon after a trab, I had the operation late in the evening with a general anaesthetic after which the eye was covered by a clear plastic sheild held in place by micropore plaster I stayed overnight there was no pain so when I awoke the next morning my first impulse was to cover the other eye checking for loss of sight, I am sure I lost no more vision because of the operationand could see the same with the operated eye the next morning. hope this makes sense. Lavengro.

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