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It happened to me

Julia and Peter were both diagnosed with glaucoma. In the video below, they share their experience, how they felt when they were told they had glaucoma and how it has impacted on their lives.

Peter, aged 55, from Pirbright:

Peter was diagnosed with glaucoma in 1988. He discovered he had glaucoma through one of his regular eye tests at the opticians. He complies with a prescribed eye drop regime, his sight is good and he can continue to drive and much more. Peter said: "I play cricket, drive my sports car and have also been able to maintain my flying licence. If you develop glaucoma keep positive: it does not have to affect your life".

Julia, aged 61, from Colchester:

By the time Julia was diagnosed aged 42, she had advanced glaucoma: "My diagnosis in that year halted my career as an adult education teacher which had involved me driving everywhere around the country. It also hits home when I can't just jump in the car to see family and it was upsetting when I missed out on the birth of my daughter's first baby."

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