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UK News: National Glaucoma Awareness Week 6th-12th June 2011 - Get involved!

During National Glaucoma Awareness Week our aim is to encourage everyone over the age of 40 to have a regular (once every two years) routine eye test that includes all three glaucoma tests (ophthalmoscopy, tonometry and perimetry), whether or not they believe anything is wrong with their vision. We are asking for your help to publicise this advice so that needless visual loss and blindness due to glaucoma can be avoided.

Patients, medical professionals, there are many ways to get involved...

  • Spot articles published in the national or your local newspapers and send us copies,
  • Display posters in your local opticians, hospitals, community centres, libraries, supermarkets, churches, workplaces, garages, post offices, local pubs or anywhere else it can be easily seen,
  • Distribute leaflets in your local area (see list above),
  • Fundraise in aid of the IGA by organising a local event (coffee morning, baking or drawing competition, etc). Why not involve your local primary school or parish?
  • Ask for one of our frog collection boxes,
  • Help us spread the word by sharing your story and becoming a media contact.

Materials can be ordered online or by phone on 01233 64 81 64 or by email at marketing@iga.org.uk 


Another way to help: share our messages with your local papers or radios...

Did you know that it takes forty letters or emails before a Government minister will usually become interested in a particular subject? For a local newspaper editor the number is far lower and if the letter comes from someone local, then its effect is magnified to a very considerable extent.

This year we are asking you to write your own letter, email or tweet the local or national newspapers, radio or TV stations of your choice.

There are five key messages for the week and you are welcome to choose which one of them to include in your letter:

1. Glaucoma is an eye condition that gives no warning symptoms
2. Everyone is at risk of glaucoma, especially those over the age of forty
3. Glaucoma has very effective treatments, but untreated it leads to blindness
4. Early diagnosis and effective treatment can prevent blindness
5. Regular eye health checks at least every two years give the best possible chance of early detection and the preservation of vision.

Please don't hesitate to give our contact details so that we can deal with any follow up:
Sarah Zerbib: email marketing@iga.org.uk or telephone 01233 64 81 69

In order to measure the success of this new approach, please let us know what you have done if you can. In addition, if you have any questions or would like to discuss the content of your letter with us, please contact Sarah on the details given above.

With very many thanks for your help.

Sarah Zerbib

The IGA needs your help

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Mon-Fri: 9:30AM to 5:00PM. We operate an answer phone service after office hours, where you can leave a message and we will contact you back.