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UK News: IGA launches EyeWay Code to keep your eyes and life on the road after 40 years old

A survey of 1,000 drivers aged 40 plus conducted in July 2011 by ICM Research on behalf of the International Glaucoma Association (IGA) revealed 30% of respondents in the 40 to 54 age group – when the risk of developing glaucoma starts to increase – are failing to take an eye test every two years or more frequently. The IGA recommend for people aged over 40 to take an eye test, including all three glaucoma tests, at least every two years to ensure early diagnosis, when treatment is most effective.

In addition, the survey highlighted respondents' limited understanding of the condition and its impact on vision: 96% of respondents described glaucoma as an eye disease, but

  • 52% did not know 'glaucoma mainly affects peripheral vision',
  • 30% just 'did not know' how glaucoma is diagnosed and
  • 14% inaccurately felt the condition 'is easily self-diagnosed as people recognise their eyesight is declining'. In reality self-diagnosis is most unlikely in the early stage of the condition due to its typically slow development.


Following the results of this survey and as part of our 'CAN U C 2 DRIVE' national glaucoma awareness campaign launched during National Glaucoma Awareness Week in June 2011, we are publishing today the 'EyeWay Code to keep your eyes and life on the road after 40 years old'. The EyeWay Code addresses the risks of glaucoma – one of the leading causes of preventable blindness in the UK and aims at 'getting the nation into gear with glaucoma'.

David Wright, Chief Executive, said: "Too many people over 40 assume their eyesight is fine and don't bother with regular eye testing that includes simple, painless tests for glaucoma. Thousands of drivers are on our roads with undiagnosed and untreated glaucoma – it is a glaring risk for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. It's a pity, because if detected and treated early, most glaucoma patients can carry on driving for many years and avoid the life-changing impact of losing their licence. With early detection and compliance with treatment glaucoma need not be the end of the road in terms of driving."

For more information:

Download the EyeWay Code

Discover the stories of two patients

View how glaucoma can impact drivers' vision

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