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Our grateful thanks go out to four people, all of whom have donated £100 or more towards the work of the Association in just the last week!

Mrs Doreen Bevan gave us a donation of £100 to help the work of the Association

Mrs A Norman sponsored the IGA's efforts on the Carrots Night Walk also to the tune of £100 which will go towards a joint IGA Fight for Sight research grant.

Mrs Jean Starkey sent us £250 in memory her husband Jim, which is a wonderful thing to do because, despite the grief that is always there when someone you love dies, a donation in memory lives on and will help others in the future.

Mr H Walduck gave a donation of £100 to continue to help the work of the Association.

To these and all of the other donors who have made a vital contribution to the prevention of sight loss to glaucoma in these difficult economic times – we are most grateful for your support of our support of people with glaucoma!

David J Wright FIAM
Chief Executive, International Glaucoma Association

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