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Ten-Minute Rule Motion Calls for Eye Tests for Drivers Renewing Their Licence

Today John Leech MP introduced a ten-minute rule motion in Parliament, part of which calls for drivers to undertake an eye test when renewing their licence.

A person can lose up to 40 per cent of their field of vision before realising any change has occurred, and research from BRAKE suggests that 20 per cent of us have had at least one accident driving as a result of poor eyesight. There is currently no legal requirement to check our vision at specific stages (there is a requirement for all drivers to meet the driving standard for vision, which is an implied requirement for testing) and this proposal would bring the UK closer to standards in the rest of Europe and help prevent accidents and deaths on British roads.

Surveys have consistently shown widespread support from the general public for the introduction of obligatory eye tests for drivers. The International Glaucoma Association is also fully behind this measure.

Visit the PoliticsHome website for more details of the bill.

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