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Bob's 110 Mile Walk

While most people are getting ready to relax on their summer holidays, Bob Cornwall will be undertaking a monumental 110 mile trek to raise funds for the International Glaucoma Association.

Bob plans to leave Bournemouth on 14th July and arrive in Torquay on 25th July (see the full itinerary below).

If you happen to live on or near the route, why not come out and support Bob in person? He would probably appreciate the company!

If you would like to support Bob, you can do so via his JustGiving page: www.justgiving.com/Bob-Cornwall. Alternatively, email marketing@iga.org.uk and we will send you a sponsorship form.

Dept. date Location Destination Mileage Time
14th July Bournemouth Poole 10.1 3hrs 19mins
15th July Poole Wareham 9.2 3hrs 31mins
16th July Wareham Owermoigne 8.4 2hrs 52mins
17th July Owermoigne Weymouth 8.3 2hrs 47mins
18th July Weymouth Abbotsbury 8.9 3hrs 0mins
19th July Abbotsbury Westbay 8.3 2hrs 44mins
20th July Westbay Lyme Regis 10.4 3hrs 35mins
21st July Lyme Regis Seaton 7.2 2hrs 33mins
22nd July Seaton Sidmouth 9 3hrs 3mins
23rd July Sidmouth Exmouth 11 3hrs 40mins
24th July Exmouth Teignmouth 8.3 2hrs 25mins
25th July Teignmouth Torquay 8.6 2hrs 52mins

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