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Become a member

Have you recently been diagnosed with glaucoma?

Or do you know someone who has?

Your support is vital.

Join us and help us make a difference in the lives of glaucoma patients!

the IGA brings together a wide range of individuals and organisations who share a common interest in understanding glaucoma and reducing the risk it poses to people's eyesight.

Becoming an IGA Friend or member is one way to stay up to date on the advances being made in the management of glaucoma and help you assist your doctors with the control of your glaucoma. The better you understand your condition, the better you are able to comply with the treatments prescribed and the better the long term outcome.

Membership starts at only £15.00 per year (when paying by Direct Debit) and various categories are available to suit everybody's needs:

Individual Membership: Open to everyone, whether you have glaucoma or have a relative or friend with glaucoma or simply have an interest in the condition.

Professional Membership: For Eye Care Specialists as well as all medical professionals working in Glaucoma Services, Nurses and GP's.

There are 4 types of individual memberships available to support the IGA

Please note that you can pay:

- by cheque (made payable to International Glaucoma Association)

- by credit card , just give us a call on 01233 64 81 64 or use the Membership Form available on this website

- by Direct Debit , just give us a call on 01233 64 81 64 and we will send you the appropriate forms

Do not hesitate to contact our membership department on 01233 64 81 71 if you need any more information about our memberships.


for an annual subscription of £17.50 (£15.00 when paying by Direct Debit), you will receive:

» Quarterly newsletters featuring the latest facts and viewpoints about glaucoma

» Invitations to free open meetings (lecture and Q&A sessions) every year with glaucoma specialist speakers (the most recent of which was the annual Janice Krushner lecture, held in March 2013)

» Details of Support Groups in your area

Life Friends:

For a single subscription of £250.00 you will receive the same benefits as a Friend for your lifetime!


For an annual subscription of £17.50 (£15.00 when paying by Direct Debit), you will receive the same benefits as a Friend, plus:

» An invitation to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) - see Patient Services for details of past and meetings.

» The chance to place resolutions forward at the AGM which will help determine the policies of the Association

» The right to vote at the AGM

» Eligibility for election to the Council of the Association

» The IGA Annual Report & Accounts, including minutes of the AGM

Life Members:

For a single subscription of £250.00 you will receive the same benefits as a Member for your lifetime!

Members and Life Members of the Association are liable for a maximum of £5 in the event that the International Glaucoma Association should become insolvent.

To become a Member or a Friend of the International Glaucoma Association, please click on the Membership Form link above.

There are three types of professional memberships:

- Free professional membership

- Associate professional membership

- Full professional membership


>> Free Professional Membership

This membership is open to all professionals with an interest in glaucoma.

As a free professional member, you will

- be able to order our literature free of charge and receive news from us when new leaflets are published or when awareness campaigns and other projects are launched,

- receive copies of our quarterly IGA News (magazine) to put in your waiting area.

The only requirement for continued free professional membership of the IGA is the use of our services.


>> Associate and Full Professional Memberships

As a professional member, you will receive:

- a full professional information pack including a membership card (you will be able to order our literature free of charge)

- news about new patient materials, awareness campaigns and other projects

- quarterly editions of the IGA News

- an invitation to attend the Annual General Meeting of the IGA in March (the most recent AGM was held, along with the 30th annual Janice Krushner lecture, at the Royal College of Pathologists on 8th March 2012)

- the opportunity to vote in the election of the Council Members of the Association and on the resolutions before the meeting

You will also be able to place resolutions before the Annual General Meeting, help define the policies of the Association and submit your application to become a Trustee.

Associate Professional Member £25.00

This type of IGA Professional membership is intended for members of professional bodies allied to ophthalmology such as the Royal College of Nursing or the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Full Professional Member Annual Subscription £45.00

Full professional membership of the International Glaucoma Association is intended for members of ophthalmic and optometric professional bodies such as the Royal College of Ophthalmologists or the College of Optometrists.

All Professional Memberships of the International Glaucoma Association are voting memberships and as such each member must agree to take on a maximum £5 liability in the event of the Association becoming insolvent.

If a member does not wish to take on this liability (which results from the International Glaucoma Association being a company limited by guarantee), s/he may request removal from the register of voting members, which will remove the liability.

Click on the Membership Form link above to join.

Thank you for coming to our membership page. We hope that you have found the information elsewhere on this site useful and that we have been able to answer your questions. If you have any outstanding queries, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

The International Glaucoma Association exists on donations from individuals like you, we receive no Government funding so every membership subscription and donation is extremely valuable to us and your gift will be used for the benefit of glaucoma patients - see 'Our Promise'.


The IGA needs your help

For help and advice please contact


Phone:01233 64 81 70


Mon - Fri: 9:30AM to5:00PM. We operate an answer phone service after office hours, where you can leave a message and we will contact you back.