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A gift in your Will

Your present... is our future

All of us need to make a Will, and up-date it every few years to take account of changed circumstances.

When you do this, your first consideration will naturally be to protect your loved ones. But making a Will can also be a wonderful opportunity to help a cause you support.

By leaving a gift to the IGA in your Will, you will ensure that we are here, many years into the future, to help and support people at risk of glaucoma. It could even help to bring us closer to eliminating glaucoma by funding important clinical research.

If you have already made a Will and the only change you wish to make is to help the International Glaucoma Association, you can do so by completing a Codicil. A form is available here for you to download: Codicil form

Download the IGA legacy leaflet here

Visit the HMRC website and find out more about inheritance tax


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